Report: Apple iPhone 8 to ship with same battery size as iPhone 7 Plus, but keep iPhone 7 form factor

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

A new report says that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will ship with a battery capacity that is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus without compromising on the form factor of the iPhone 7.

Apparently, the iPhone 8, which is expected to ship with an OLED display screen, will keep about the same physical size as the current iPhone 7 but pack a larger battery unit compared to the mere 1960mAh unit found in the 4.7-inch iPhone from last year. The report, which comes from renowned KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, claims that the 2017 iPhone could come in with a battery capacity of 2700mAh or even more, which is about the same size (2900mAh) that you find in the iPhone 7 Plus.

According to Kuo, the larger battery capacity of the iPhone 8 is due to the fact that Apple will adopt a new stacked substrate-like PCB logic board that is smaller in size, thus leaving more room inside the iPhone 8 for accommodating a larger battery without increasing the physical size.

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As noted earlier, the iPhone 8 is expected to ship with an OLED display screen that is close to 5.5 inches in size. Apparently, the phone will have no bezels on the sides as well as eliminate the physical home button. If anything, this is the only way we could end up with a larger display screen on a phone that is the same size as the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

With a bigger battery capacity and OLED display screen, Kuo notes that the Apple iPhone 8 could end up with an even better battery life compared to its LCD counterparts. This is because OLED panels are said to be more energy-efficient as opposed to LCD panels.

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