Report: Up to 4.7M Samsung Galaxy S8 Units to be Produced this Month, 7.8M more in April

Samsung Galaxy S8

We’ve heard rumors before that Samsung has plans to sell about 60 million units of the Galaxy S8 handsets, but the latest figures give us a breakdown of how this will begin.

While the 60 million figure represents the total number of sales the company expects from Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest reports claim that the tech giant has plans to produce a massive 4.7 million Galaxy S8 units this month alone. Interesting, the company will not launch the phone until March 29, with the official release expected to happen somewhere after mid next month.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 production line will further see another 7.8 million units of the phone come in during the month of April. If this report is to be believed, a lot of this will be happening at the company’s plant in Vietnam. In fact, reports are that mass production has already begun here so as to ensure that the said 4.7 million units’ target is met.

The main reason for these huge figures during the early days of Samsung Galaxy S8 is because the South Korean company will possibly be releasing the phone in multiple markets across the globe at about the same time. This is contrary to past cases where the local market of Korea was given the first priority. As a result, Samsung wants to ensure that it has enough Galaxy S8 units so to avoid bumping into any supply issues in major markets, something that has greatly affected the Google Pixel and Pixel XL success at large.

Looking at the stats between the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung may be expecting to sell more Galaxy S8+ units than the Galaxy S8. However, it is not known whether this aspect will mean the former gets priority when it comes to balancing the production figures. But since this is just a rumor, be sure to take it with a grain of salt. It won’t be long before we confirm every detail of the S8 and S8+.

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