Really Blue Google Pixel Phone Now Available in the Google Store

Really Blue Google Pixel

The Google Pixel phone was announced in early October before going on official sale a couple of weeks later.

Ever since its official release, the Google Pixel has been hailed as the best-selling Google phone ever. This popularity did not just come in because of the change in name, hardware, and general approach, but it was also due to Google’s introduction of new color variants, specifically the really blue model.

Many of those who were looking to buy a new Google Pixel phone donned in really blue color were disappointed earlier on when the company noted that the color variant was out of stock. This meant that enthusiasts had to wait for weeks until the same model is made available again and apparently, it seems this wait is finally over.

If you are OK with getting a really blue Google Pixel phone from the official Google Store, this is the time for doing it. Keep in mind that this is just the 5-inch model and not the 5.5-inch Pixel XL, nonetheless, you will only be missing out on a few things by going for this entry-level model.

For starters, be warned that the really blue Google Pixel phone that has been restocked comes with 32GB of storage. Even though there is a 128GB variant, there is currently no really blue color variant for this model. There is no change in price for this variant, meaning you still get to part with $649 in order to have one. When compared to the larger Google Pixel XL, you only miss out on 0.5 inches of display as well as QHD resolution – the smaller Pixel carries a Full HD resolution panel.

Really Blue Google Pixel

At the time of release, the really blue color variant of the Google Pixel was dubbed as a limited edition. So, if you are really interested in getting this color variant, you better move fast or else, you might miss out on this one as well. As for the larger Pixel XL, there is still no word on when the Google Store will be restocked with more devices, but it shouldn’t be long.

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