[Update] PSA: Dialing 911 on OnePlus 5 reboots the phone

OnePlus 5

Ever since OnePlus 5 was unveiled a few weeks ago, the phone has been received with mixed reactions.

It’s truly a great phone with a great design, a trending dual-lens camera, the most powerful hardware package, the latest Android 7.1 Nougat OS and an amazing price tag. However, the phone is not short of its problems.

After the jelly scrolling effect, it appears that OnePlus 5 users have discovered a new problem with the phone. When you dial the 911 emergency number, rather than connect to the emergency service as expected, the phone reboots.

Unfortunately, this was discovered when the 911 emergency services were indeed needed, but the person who discovered it was unable to make the call since the phone kept on rebooting all the times. As expected, the affected took to Reddit to express their frustrations and interestingly, more OnePlus 5 users have tried it and it’s actually true – that dialing 911 reboots the phone.

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The Chinese OEM has not yet responded to the issue as at the time of this writing, probably because some units are working perfectly well with the 911 emergency call services. But we expect them to weigh into this problem as soon as possible.

Are you experiencing the same issue on your OnePlus 5? Let us know in your comments below.

Update: OnePlus has started rolling out an update that takes care of this problem. It’s an OTA update and thus it should take time before all OnePlus 5 units get it.

NOTE: Before trying if the 911 emergency call works on your OnePlus phone, make sure you pre-arrange it with your local police department to avoid getting into any trouble.

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