OnePlus 5 to Replace OnePlus 3T – Ceramic Housing, Killer Specs and Summer 2017 Launch Mooted

The latest rumor will leave OnePlus fans a little more confused than they thought. Apparently, the company will be releasing OnePlus 5 instead of following the normal numbering that would have seen a new OnePlus come to life in 2017.

Some might be thinking that there is a technical problem that means there is no OnePlus 4, but you’ll be surprised to learn that this has everything to do with ancient cultural beliefs in not just China, but also in other Asian countries.

So, why is OnePlus 5 coming in instead of OnePlus 4? Well, according to the Chinese language, people pronounce the number four in a manner that sounds like the word “death.” As a result, this number has always been associated with death. But it is not just the Chinese people that have issues with numbers – the Western world also has just about the same issue with the number 13. Sounds familiar huh? In fact, you will be surprised to learn that quite a huge number of storied buildings in China have omitted the number 4, 14 or any number associated with four when it comes to floors and rooms in the buildings.

We’ve previously heard rumors that Samsung will also be taking this direction with the naming of the upcoming Galaxy S8 handsets, but this will only affect the model numbers. Where this year’s Galaxy S7 has model number SM-G930, it was expected that next year’s model number will be SM-G940. But due to the beliefs of the Asian people, the company will reportedly skip to SM-G950 as the model number of next year’s Galaxy S8.

With OnePlus 5 seemingly confirmed as the name of the next flagship killer and successor to this year’s OnePlus 3/3T, many would also love to know more about the specs of the phone. Apparently, it has been rumored that the company is looking at a ceramic housing for the phone, but is unlikely that this material will cover the entire phone. It won’t be the first time a ceramic design has come from OnePlus – it happened with last year’s midrange OnePlus X. In short, OnePlus has an experience in this matter of ceramics, but you can only expect this material to feature on the back of the 2017 OnePlus 5 handset, just like the X.

OnePlus 5 Rumors

Like OnePlus 3 and 3T, the 2017 OnePlus 5 is expected to carry killer specs as the company looks to continue its success as a flagship killer. A Snapdragon 835 will power the phone alongside a RAM of 6GB. With VR taking over the mobile industry, OnePlus 5 will likely ship with a QHD resolution for the screen but don’t expect any changes in the screen size. Of course, Android Nougat will power the phone out of the box.

As far as the launch is concerned, OnePlus 5 is expected to follow the same traditions of its predecessors by coming in during the summer of 2017. There is no price confirmation yet, but like it has become to be known, the company will probably price the phone somewhere closer to either side of $400.

Do you think OnePlus 5 will replace this year’s OnePlus 3/3T instead of OnePlus 4? How about getting a ceramic housing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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