One Drop Smartphone App Helps Diabetes Patients Easily Manage their Condition

One Drop Chrome

The smartphone is indeed a revolutionary gadget that is slowly shaping all aspects of life, including the health sector.

While many technology innovations in the health sector have basically targeted persons who are already healthy, the latest development is here to actually help take care of a chronic problem. Devices such as the Apple Watch, FitBits and Samsung S-Health, among many others, have been developed to help people keep fit, but one company wants to bridge the gap between technology and chronic conditions, namely diabetes.

Launching this week, One Drop is a smartphone service and app that is aimed at giving diabetes patients an easier time when it comes to managing their conditions. This app will provide them with monthly subscriptions of tools needed in order to better manage this chronic illness. The device is paired with a One Drop smartphone app that will be responsible for tracking activity, nutrition and a bunch of other aspects associated with diabetes management.

After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the founder of One Drop, Jeff Dachis, got inspired by his frustrations and “started looking at what else was out there.” The diagnosis happened about three years ago and about a year and a half later, Dachis created a free One Drop app. On Tuesday, he went ahead and launched a new device known as One Drop Chrome, a system that monitors blood glucose and sends the data to the installed One Drop app.

Approved by FDA, this device is also available for those living in the EU as well as the UK, with the region’s body also approving the device.

One Drop Chrome

The company charges a monthly subscription of $39.95 that comes without insurance, but you get a chrome lancing device, glucose test strips as well as a casing for these supplies. When compared to the $200 needed by traditional healthcare givers, this is a better deal for sure. To get yourself a One Drop Chrome device, you need $99.95, but you’ll have to wait until mid-December in order to get one through Apple.

With time, One Drop app is also expected to give more guidance and care elements for conditions that are also suffered by diabetes patients, be it heart diseases, kidney diseases or even hypertension. You can also expect things like pre-diabetes care to pop up at some point in future.

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