Nokia Part II: Innovation vs. Brand Value


Smartphones have been around for about a decade now, but before that, Nokia was the go-to brand when it comes to mobile phones.

There is no doubt that Nokia had achieved so much in its heydays – success that was hard to believe could be lost in such a short period of time. Nonetheless, we are here, a stage where the once mighty company in the mobile industry is now staging for its second coming – a step we’ve baptized Nokia Part II.

As expected, Nokia Part II has nothing to do with the old brick phones, but the company is now heading into the smartphone world with guess who? Google’s Android. Despite having a recognized brand name, the game won’t be easy for the Finnish establishment. The decision to finally make the jump to Android comes after the company initially saw this as not an option a few years ago, but as it is, the choices are limited. After unsuccessful attempts to bring in Windows Phone smartphones, Nokia has made the decision to come to Android, the most popular mobile OS in the world.

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To give it a second try, Nokia has sought the help of a fellow Finnish company by the name of HMD Global. These two have plans to unveil Nokia-branded smartphones and a tablet in early 2017, probably during the MWC event in Barcelona. The Nokia brand name is currently owned by Microsoft, but the Redmond Company will reportedly let HMD Global use it on Android-powered mobile devices for the next decade.

Of course, this is a gamble that can either pay off or not, but it is too early to write off Nokia at this point in time. The competition from China is huge with the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus and many others already having established themselves as major smartphone OEMs in the absence of Nokia. Well, the latter has the advantage of having such a strong brand name, but this has no place in the current, highly innovative world – something BlackBerry and Motorola can testify.

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As noted, Chinese players are all over the smartphone space and rather than just come in with very innovative devices, the OEMs are the best when it comes to pricing. Nokia has to learn a thing or two from these companies if it has to become the mighty force it once was in the industry. Google and Huawei have been playing this game for a while, but with their brand names now better off than before, the two have begun skyrocketing prices of their devices, something that seems to be paying off, somehow.

As for Nokia, it will indeed be tough getting back into the smartphone market and rising to the top, but with more innovative devices that are priced affordably, the Finnish tech giant still stands a chance.

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