Nokia 3310 Unofficially Available in Kenya via MobileHub Kenya Priced at Ksh 11K – Here’s why you should wait for the official launch

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is a great nostalgic phone, but when it’s priced at a massive Ksh 11,000, it makes zero sense having one, especially when taking into consideration what the phone can do versus what, say, a Ksh 6,000 smartphone can do.

The company behind the refreshed Nokia 3310, HMD Global, has priced the phone at a decent value of just €49 in Europe, which translates to about Ksh 5,500. But since the phone has yet to be made official in Kenya, some retailers are taking advantage of the less-informed market by slamming a price that is twice the expected amount on the same phone.

So far, the Nokia 3310 has already entered South Africa and Nigeria, where it’s locally priced at figures that translate to less than Ksh 6,000. However, one online retailer known as MobileHub Kenya is selling the same phone at a massive Ksh 10,999. This is absurd for a phone that only gives you memories and nothing much in terms of usability.

If you are in such a hurry, well, you can grab the Nokia 3310 by hitting the source link below. But if you are one of the many who are affected by the tough economic times in the country, you’ll be better off waiting for a few more days or weeks for that matter. It won’t be long before the phone hits the Kenyan market alongside the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and possibly the Nokia 6 – all of which are based on the latest Android Nougat OS.

Keep following and we’ll let you know when and where to buy the Nokia 3310 – and other Nokia phones – here in Kenya at a reasonable price of Ksh 6,000 or maybe less. You may also want to share this so as to save your less-informed buddies and keep them away from being exploited by the said retailer.


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