Nokia 3310 Exclusive: Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Refreshed Version

Nokia 3310

There’s no shred of a doubt that the smartphone is one such revolutionary device that going back to the previous brick-style phones like the Nokia 3310s of this world would sound absurd – but not for everyone – especially for those who are not into extremely fragile devices that are way costly and have a very poor battery life – a typical smartphone – at least compared to the 3310.

After reports emerged that the Nokia 3310 is set to make a special comeback at the MWC 2017 event alongside the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, fans of the 17-year old 3310 are back again, yearning for the release of the refreshed version. Well, unless you weren’t born, this phone is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, there ever was. In fact, we have come up with the top 5 reasons to you should buy the new Nokia 3310, but these are based on the major strengths of the original model, hoping that HMD Global will upgrade each aspect of the original phone.

Built to survive

Even though the Nokia 3310 could not survive a nuclear bomb, it could indeed get through serious drops and falls – drops that would leave the battery, top and bottom covers and even the SIM card apart. Without any form of IP certification, the phone could still survive massive drowns or almost any kind of liquid exposure. This is the kind of solidity we expect to see HMD Global improve on – or better still, keep it.

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A battery that never dies

Today, we see smartphones that ship with up 5000mAh battery capacities, but you still get about two days or less with maximum usage. Well, with the 900mAh unit that was used on the original Nokia 3310, the battery simply refused to die. At some point, you could still go through an entire day with a “battery low” warning. If anything, we expect to see the new Nokia 3310 with an even better battery life.

Nokia 3310

Compose your own tunes

As opposed to smartphones that can play just about any type of user-loaded music files as well as transform them into ringtones, the Nokia 3310 had built-in monotonic ringtones. Rather than connect the phone to a PC and transfer music files to the device like today, the phone came with a melody composer that users could use to create simple tunes and use them as the phone’s ringtones.

While HMD Global might not keep this inbuilt melody composer, chances are high that the phone will support newer music file formats such as MP3. As a result, a microSD card slot could be included on the phone to allow users to bring over their favorite songs and use them as ringtones or just listen to them via the phone’s music player. Don’t be surprised if an FM Radio tuner is also included.

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Sleek design and camera

A new Nokia 3310 concept video has been doing rounds showing off a sleek design for the phone, much glossier than the original model. While the buttons are still intact, it appears that the Finnish company could go for a sleek finish as well as add a camera on the back of the phone, although at this point in time the specs are not yet known. It would be great to know that your rugged partner can still capture a few of your best moments while out there, probably on the farm, hiking or someplace where it’s a little risky to carry your costly flagship smartphone.

Nokia 3310

Over 126 million units sold

Today, it is hard to find a smartphone that ships 50 million units, but back in the days, the Nokia 3310 sold a record 126 million units, featuring on the top 20 list of the most sold phones in the world. This is just to remind you of how good this device was despite the huge differences when compared to today’s most-selling smartphones. With HMD Global set to enhance it, even further don’t be surprised if long-time fans decide to get one of these, even if it means merely bringing back old memories to their mobile phone collection.

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The Nokia 3310 is expected to be launched at the MWC 2017 show in about 10 days’ time. We’ll be here to give you more details about its global availability, but for now, it has been confirmed for Europe at a price of 59 euros, which is about $63.

So, will you buy the Nokia 3310 if and when it makes a comeback? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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