Next WhatsApp for iOS Update Could Feature Ability to Revoke and Edit Sent Messages


WhatsApp has been one of the busiest instant messaging platforms this year. The service has been receiving several cool additions all through the year from the ability to share any kind of document, end-to-end data encryption, GIF support to the much-awaited video calling just to mention a few.

WhatsApp developers are yet to be done, though, the team is reportedly working on new features which could be available this month. There is enough evidence to prove that the chatting platform is working on the ability to recall already sent messages. Besides, users could be able to edit these called back messages before resending them.

The aforementioned features have been spotted in the latest WhatsApp iOS beta version They are though hidden and disabled by default making them inaccessible to users directly. All being well, the new additions could find their way into the main client anytime from now- maybe this month or early in 2017-all depends upon the company’s decision.

WhatsApp’s new capability will allow users to recall both read and unread messages regardless of type: texts, images, videos, audios or documents – all kinds of messages. The recalled posts will also be deleted from the receiver’s mobile device as well. Users will also be allowed to completely delete the messages if they so choose via a new delete button. However, the functions are still in the initial stages of development and might be altered accordingly depending on the prevailing user comment and to the best of the developers’ knowledge. A sensible alteration could see the ability to revoke messages limited to unread ones only which tech analysts have as cited as a bug rather than an intentional addition.

The leading chat service is also planning to add some minor add-ons which include the ability to; comment on a contact’s status message and delete status messages, among others. Furthermore, the next WhatsApp for iOS update will be built using iOS 10.2 SDK and will take advantage of some Swift catalogs.

The arrival of these new features adds to the already rich WhatsApp feature gallery. Most recently the app welcomed Video Streaming function which allows WhatsApp shared videos to play as the downloading process continues in the background. The feature takes advantage of a mechanism that buffers parts of the video for viewing as the rest are being downloaded.


Besides, image editing function was added not so long ago. The feature gives users more control over images with the ability to add texts and emojis on the pictures. Now, users who accidentally send wrong messages to the right recipients or the converse on WhatsApp will have a chance to redeem themselves soon. Some of this stray messages can have dire consequences while others may be quite embarrassing, thanks to the under test feature, these messages could be controlled in the near future.

The message unsend feature is however not new to the messaging world, there are a lot of messengers out there offering the possibility to undo sent texts. Even in WhatsApp, you can use tricks to recall a sent message by deleting the message before the one tick check mark appears or by blocking the contact for at least 30 days for a message with on brown tick check mark. Nonetheless, launching an official feature for the job will be highly welcomed.

The fact that the features are already undergoing tests in the latest WhatsApp iOS version along with other clients could mean the company will likely send out a portion if not all in the few remaining weeks of this year or at the start of next year.

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