New Nokia 3310 Concept Video Reveals Possible Specs and Design Language

Nokia 3310

A few days ago, it emerged that HMD Global has plans to bring back the iconic Nokia 3310. Since then, quite a good number of enthusiasts have been busy trying to rethink this phone with respect to what HMD might be working on.

We’ve already seen a concept video showing off the sleek Nokia 3310 that could be unveiled in a few days’ time. The video revealed a 3310 that is very close to the 16-year old model released in 2000. The buttons remain unchanged and so does the overall design language, however, the back of the phone had received a camera, which is just amazing.

Now, in another concept video, the Nokia 3310 is once again revealed with close resemblance to the original model, but this time the developer of the video – Concept Creator – goes ahead to shed some light on some of the specs to expect from HMD.

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As noted, the new video shows off a design language that is very familiar. The navigation keys are still intact and so is the keyboard, although the new model has a perfectly molded polycarbonate material with Linex coating to give the phone not just a very colorful finish, but also make it much more durable. The previous video showed off a back-mounted camera and so does this latest concept. The Nokia logo on the back is also retained, just below the snapper. The front panel has the Nokia logo as well, appearing just below the earpiece.

Nokia 3310 concept

Other touted specs of the Nokia 3310 include a 1.5-inch color screen, onboard storage of 8GB (probably with a microSD card slot) and a massive battery jump from 900mAh to 1650mAh, promising more than 230 hours of standby time, same as the original model that managed up to 245 hours of standby time. Despite the huge increase in battery capacity, the video concept shows off a 14mm body that also comes with a micro-USB port on the bottom end.

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Recently, we talked about the top 5 reasons that should make you buy the Nokia 3310 and one of them highlighted the original phone’s power in composing personal tunes. Well, according to the latest report, the refreshed Nokia 3310 will still support the ability to compose personalized ringtones, just like before. The new 3310 also gets support for FM radio with a built-in tuner, but there is still no word on the megapixel count of the rear-mounted camera.

Note that this is a Nokia 3310 concept video created by YouTube user Concept Creator and this person has no attachment whatsoever to HMD Global or Nokia. In short, these are just educated guesses of what the phone may look like, so take the report with a pinch of salt, at least until the week after next week.

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Meanwhile, you can watch the Nokia 3310 video concept here:

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