New Google Hangouts Update Rings Design Changes to the Unread Message Indicators

Google Hangouts

While Google Hangouts may have already lost the chance to become the best or rather most popular messaging app in the world, the tech giant hasn’t stopped adding more features and updates to the app in order to keep it more relevant in the highly congested IM market.

In the latest iteration, Google Hangouts users will notice the addition of a small but nifty update that now makes life easier for those who want to catch up on active chats. When a conversation that has lots of unread messages is opened, a new floating button appears at the top asking you if you want to “Jump to the last read.” When you tap on this option, the latest Google Hangouts will automatically scroll through the unread messages and take you to the last read message you read in this particular conversation.

In the end, the unread messages will all appear just below the last message that you read, thus giving you an easier time scrolling through as you read the messages from the time you left the active chat. Furthermore, if it happens that you are reading a conversation and in the process, a new message comes in, another floating button will appear asking you to jump to the unread messages.

Google Hangouts

For those who already use a chat app like WhatsApp, you should have already come across a similar feature where you can get back to the end of the read messages and the beginning of unread messages in a chat by tapping on a button. This feature helps a lot when it comes to group features, especially where people are very active.

To get your eyes on this new feature, you need to download and install the latest Google Hangouts version 17.0.148298972 via the Google Play Store. If your local Play Store doesn’t have it yet, feel free to grab the APK version on APK Mirror. Alternatively, you can simply sit back and wait for the stable version to show up on the Play Store, which shouldn’t take long.

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