Mozilla Firefox 52 Introduces the Web Assembly Standard to Enable Faster Running of Heavy Apps, 3D Games

Mozilla Firefox 52

Mozilla’s Firefox has been overshadowed by the dominant Google Chrome in almost all aspects, but this hasn’t stopped the tech giant from upgrading the browser with “game changing” features aimed at keeping the current users as well as luring more to join the platform.

In the latest Firefox 52, Mozilla says that the browser has been updated to enable resource-intensive web applications such as 3D video games, CAD applications, image and video editing apps as well as scientific visualizations, among others to run at speeds that have never been achieved before. To make this happen, the tech giant has introduced a standard known as Web Assembly, which the company calls “a game changer for the web.”

With Web Assembly, complex apps will now run faster than before. In addition, the updated Firefox 52 also comes with auto-detection of “captive portals” that are often used restaurant Wi-Fi networks where users are required to log in before accessing the web.

It gets even better as the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 52 is also built to warn you whenever you try accessing a non-HTTPS website and are asked to enter a password and your username. The latest version is already available for download/update from the official Mozilla website. You can also watch the video below where the company demonstrates the Web Assembly standard in action alongside the WebGL 2.

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