Microsoft Unveils Skype Lite for Saving your Limited Mobile Data

Microsoft Skype Lite

If you are using a limited mobile data plan and rarely get access to free Wi-Fi, there is a new Microsoft Skype Lite app for you.

While at the Future Decoded event in India, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the new Skype Lite app that targets users who can’t access free Wi-Fi or afford unlimited data packs from their carriers. India, being an emerging market, is one of those countries where mobile data is still a nightmare. As a result, the American company has decided to jump in with this app that is supposed to be faster, more reliable and lightweight for the many who’d want to use it for their communications purposes but are usually put off by the huge data consumption rate of the standard app.

The new Skype Lite app weighs just 13MB, something that justifies the idea of being lightweight. With such a size, the app can be installed on the many devices that exist in this market and other emerging markets with storage options of up just 4GB without having a huge impact on the resources of the phone. In addition, its functioning is designed in a way that it doesn’t use up too much CPU resources – hence the Lite tag.

But the downside of having a Lite version of an app is that you definitely won’t be able to access the full features of the standard version. Still, this doesn’t mean that Skype Lite users will not have plenty of fun with this app. You’ll be able to regularly check mobile and Wi-Fi data usage as well as enjoy a slew of data saving features, for instance, image compression when sharing photos with friends.

Microsoft Skype Lite

If you have been using the standard Skype app, installing the new Lite version will add your phone more battery life. This is because Skype Lite is designed to consume less power when compared to the full version.

So far, Skype Lite is just available in India and supports seven different local languages that include Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu, and Tamil. In case Microsoft sees some real success with this application in India, other emerging markets will also join the party sooner or later. If you feel like trying it out, the Google Play Store has it already for you.

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