Lost Your Android Phone? Here’s How to Locate it Using Google Search

Android Device Manager

Most people here must have lost their Android phone at some point in time and wondered whether there was a quicker way of locating it than heading to the police, for instance.

Well, if this ever crossed your mind, there sure is a way of doing things in a much faster and less hassle-prone manner. Using your laptop or even another smartphone, it is possible to locate your lost Android phone in a few easy steps.

Using Google Search, it is possible to trace the location of your lost Android phone in a matter of seconds. All you need is to log onto Google search page (google.com) and sign in with the same Google account that you used on the lost device. Once you are signed in, open the same search page and type “find my phone” into the search field and hit enter. You will immediately see Google trying to locate the device that is signed in with the provided account. Once your lost Android phone is found, Google lets you ring, recover it or simply find its location via Google Maps.

If you want to call your phone from wherever it is, just hit the “Ring” option on the map. This will prompt your device to ring at full volume regardless of where it is and this will go on for up to five minutes. Once found, you can click the power button or volume rocker to stop the ringing. As for the recover option, you will be able to do several things – be it locking the phone remotely, sign out so that nobody else can access your account, reach out for local help or your carrier so that calls can be redirected to another number or simply disable the SIM card or maybe just erase the entire contents of the lost Android phone.

Android Device Manager

Keep in mind that for this to work, you need to have allowed your Android Device Manager to perform these tasks through your device’s Security settings. In addition, the lost Android phone must have data and location or GPS turned on in order to be located, otherwise, this will not be possible.

In short, always ensure that you have data and location turned on for your Android phone so as to make it easy to track it, just in case you lose it somehow.

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