Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Benchmarked with Android 7.1.2 Nougat – Release Imminent?

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus

In May, we reported that Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus had started receiving an update to Android 7.0 Nougat in India.

The update came in quite a bit late compared to other markets, where the same phone is sold as the Lenovo ZUK Z2, but this was no issue. Despite the delayed rollout, it appears that the Chinese OEM is working on something even better.

Apparently, a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus phone has just popped up on Geekbench with the newest Android 7.1.2 Nougat OS on board. This is strange as the phone has not featured anywhere as far as Android 7.1 Nougat is concerned, however, this listing is a suggestion that Lenovo could be running tests of the OS on the phone.

In March, a GFXBench listing confirmed that the high-end Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro was being tested for Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but there was no mention of whether the same treat will head the ZUK Z2 Plus way. Nonetheless, it would be a welcome move to see the company update one of its high-end phones to the latest version of Nougat just ahead of the release of this year’s Android O.

It’s also possible that this could be a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus phone based on a custom ROM and that the company has nothing to do with Android 7.1.2 Nougat update on the phone. In short, it’s better to be a little skeptic about this new development, at least until more details show up. But if indeed the phone is being tested, the release of the OS may not be so far away, especially since it’s a minor update to the current v7.0.

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