Leaked iPhone 8 Rear Camera [Dummy] Looks Ugly, but Chinese OEMs will still Copy it because it’s Apple

Apple iPhone 8

Ever since the new OnePlus 5 was unveiled, a lot has been said about how the Chinese OEM lacks in terms of innovative designs.

The phone has an astonishing similarity with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, something that prompted many Apple fans to call for Cupertino to sue the Chinese company for blatantly copy-pasting its design. After doing a minor research on the issue, it emerged that OnePlus is not the only OEM that has recently copied a smartphone design by Apple.

In fact, it appears that many Chinese OEMs have turned into copycats with respect to Apple iPhones. The likes of Oppo, a company that has close ties with OnePlus, have made it in China just because of releasing phones that look almost the same as Apple’s. In Q4 2016, the Oppo R9 eclipsed the iPhone 6S to become the best-selling smartphone in China and apparently, this success is simply because the phone looks exactly like the Apple iPhone. In Q1 2017, the Oppo R9s, the successor to the R9, became the best-selling Android phone with an impressive 8.9 million units sold between January and March. Once again, this success can be attributed to the similarities between the Oppo phone and the iPhone.

Just before the release of the OnePlus 5, Oppo also released the R11 and R11 Plus. A closer look at these two phones will also reveal a huge similarity to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. There are also many others that have without a doubt taken some inspiration from Apple’s smartphone designs, among them Xiaomi Mi 6, ZTE Nubia Z17, Gionee S10 and a series of Huawei phones that include the Honor 9 and Nova 2, just to name but a few.

According to reports from China, a phone that doesn’t resemble the Apple iPhone in terms of design will not succeed in the market, which is why many OEMs in the country are electing to copy what Apple does in order to convince consumers into buying the phones.

Now, the Apple iPhone 8 is around the corner and in fact, the first real-world dummy of the phone has just appeared online thanks to notable leaker OnLeaks. The image only gives us a view of the rear panel, which is actually what many of these Chinese OEMs end up copying from Apple. There’s no doubt that the phone looks stunning, but there’s one thing that doesn’t feel right – the camera design and placement.

The one thing that makes the Apple iPhone copycats from China look exactly like iPhones is the camera design and placement. Looking at the leaked iPhone 8 image, the design and placement of the camera make the phone look really ugly. The camera bump is really huge, even more than the one on the iPhone 7 Plus. In 2017, this doesn’t feel right at all.

Apple iPhone 8

Rather than go for the more elegant-looking horizontal placement with no camera bump, the iPhone 8 has a vertical arrangement. In a bid to stay unique and relevant, the camera has been placed on the left-hand side of the rear panel, which makes it even weirder, in my opinion. Many OEMs with vertical camera arrangements choose to have the placement in the middle of the rear panel, but it seems Apple didn’t want to look too mainstream and instead chose otherwise.

Of course, some will like this design, which is probably why you’ll still see many smartphones coming from China with a similar camera placement and bump in the next few months or early next year. As noted earlier, a smartphone needs to look more like an Apple iPhone in order to succeed in China and no matter how ugly an iPhone design is, it won’t be short of suitors looking to copy the same ugly design.

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