Latest WhatsApp 2.17.162 Beta Update for Android adds Ability to Pin Important Chats


It has been in the rumor mills that WhatsApp is working on an update that’ll bring pinned chats to the platform. Well, it’s here, but currently, it’s only available in the latest beta version.

WhatsApp 2.17.162 – or newer – is the version in question here. It’s still in the beta channel and as such, you won’t find it in the Google Play Store. With this beta version, you can now pin important chats such that they appear on top of others – all the time.

Just to bring you closer to what exactly WhatsApp pinned chats bring, it means that you’ll be able to mark conversations as important (pinned chats) and when new messages from different contacts come in, the ones marked as important or rather pinned chats will appear at the top of the conversation list, even if other newer messages from unpinned chats come in.

In this way, it’ll be a lot easier to start and even track any conversation that has been pinned whenever you open WhatsApp.

How to pin chats on WhatsApp

One might be thinking how to pin chats on WhatsApp. Well, it’s very simple. All that is needed is to touch and hold the conversation in question and after that, tap the pin icon that shows up in the top bar. Once pinned, this conversation will appear on top of other conversations in the list of new messages. Currently, the feature allows users to pin up to three different chats.

If you no longer want a chat to be pinned, it’s also easy to remove it. Simply press and hold the chat and then tap the same pin icon, which now appears with a slash.

With the feature still in beta, it will take some time before the stable version gets to the Play Store. If you can’t wait, head to the APK Mirror and grab the beta version and install it manually.

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