Latest WhatsApp update finally brings the feature you’ve all been waiting for

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WhatsApp is an app you’ll find on almost every smartphone out there. In fact, some OEMs are saving new smartphone buyers the time to download and install the app by shipping the phones with the app out of the box.

One reason this is happening is that WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion users. As a result, chances are that someone seated next to you is using the app, which makes it easier to interact given that you only need an internet connection and your regular phone number to start connecting with other people.

To keep the app more relevant in a pool of many others, the developers regularly update WhatsApp with new features and functionalities. And the latest addition is one you’ll definitely enjoy having on the app.

Apparently, it’s now possible to watch YouTube videos right from within WhatsApp. Before this update, opening a YouTube link sent through the app meant that one is redirected to the YouTube app or web version, but this will be no more. Just like it already happens with Facebook, Twitter and regular websites, YouTube videos will continue to play without forcing you to leave the app.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently limited to WhatsApp for iOS v.2.17.40. Furthermore, this version is currently in the beta stage, which also means that it’s not perfect just yet. For instance, you cannot continue chatting with the person who shared the YouTube link while the video is still playing, something that we expect to be fixed when the stable version of the feature finally rolls out.

This is a cool addition and it will be welcomed by many WhatsApp users out there, however, we have no idea when it will be coming to Android. Nonetheless, the fact that it’s currently being tested on iOS means that it won’t be long before the same happens for the most popular mobile platform in the world.

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