Latest WhatsApp Update brings Reply Shortcuts, Albums and Photo Filters for iOS and Android users

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Beta users of WhatsApp have previously been able to enjoy a bunch of features that other users of the app haven’t, but this is coming to an end thanks to a new update.

If you own an iPhone, the latest version of WhatsApp is bringing new features to your phone, among them reply shortcuts, albums as well as photo filters. While iPhone users will be the first to get these features, those on Android will also be joining the party sooner than later.

So, what are these new WhatsApp features all about? To start with, reply shortcuts will let you swipe right on a specific chat in a thread in order to respond to it. At the moment, replying to a particular message in a conversation requires tapping and holding the message before hitting the reply button, which can be a hassle. With this new feature, those in WhatsApp groups should be rejoicing for it will be a lot easier to reply to specific messages within a group conversation.

As far as albums are concerned, sending multiple photos or even videos consecutively when in a given conversation will lead to these files being automatically grouped into one album rather than have them in a stream of multiple in-line files. Multiple images will appear as thumbnails.

On the other hand, the photo filter feature will let you apply filters to images, GIFs or videos before sharing them with friends, just like you already do on Instagram, for instance. In the already rolling out version of WhatsApp, users of iOS devices can access up to five filters, but this figure is expected to increase in the coming days.

As noted earlier, these three features are available in the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, but the same treat will be heading Android’s way soon. Keep your app updated and you’ll soon be able to enjoy these new goodies.

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