Latest WhatsApp scam will leave you with an empty bank account – Here is what you need to do

WhatsApp virus

Majority of the world’s population using the Internet for instant messaging has WhatsApp as their primary platform. As so, it only makes sense that we keep you clued-up with anything around the popular Facebook-owned client, especially those that could sink into your economic life.

National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, Action Fraud, has detected a scam in messages being sent by scoundrels masquerading as WhatsApp official team with the sole intention of fiddling users. This is the second time in two months that sham messages are swarming the internet targeting users of the tyrant messaging client having been spotted last month.

The scammers are looking to trick users into handing in their bank account details by luring them into paying for a non-existent subscription fee. Those who signed in for WhatsApp after 2014 might easily snub this outlandish message as deceitful. WhatsApp veterans, however, are at a high risk of being caught out.

Back in the days when WhatsApp was just starting up, the owners provided for one year of free trial after which you were supposed to subscribe with a small fee of $0.99 for a year of continued access. Folks who used the app then paid. However, that fee has since been scrapped following Facebook’s acquisition of what would become the world’s most popular mobile chat app.

Just so you know, while making the payment (in case you fall a victim, that is) you will give your personal details – bank account details included – somewhere in the process. Well, it’s those details that the cybercriminals are so much looking for. The next thing could be an empty bank account. That is just one way you can get swindled. The other one being the installation of undercover malicious software on your device that sends your details back to the perpetrators.

That said, it goes without much emphasis that if you come across suspicious messages asking you to click certain links or to trade-in your personal details for some juicy sort of things in WhatsApp, be sure to probe deeply into it, which is still lenient because nothing like that actually exists. It’s better if you just do away with the message the fastest way possible because WhatsApp has no special features for special groups that need to be paid for. Everything is free to every user regardless of their social status.

As much as we emphasize on avoiding scam from the get-go, there are those who get caught out and remain clueless on what step to take next. Today is your answer. In case you fell for the scammers’ dirty gimmicks, we would advise that you scan your device with an anti-virus and always be on the lookout for future scams.

Otherwise, here at TWG, we are keenly aware of the fact that scammers use WhatsApp as their prime target due the vast fan base. As such, we will always keep you posted on issues that involve the market’s leading player. Keep following.

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