Latest WhatsApp Beta Update Lets You Locate Friends


WhatsApp is a very popular app and has billions of users across the globe. One thing that gives it this status is the volume of features it is able to offer in a very small, simple package.

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp has been changing rapidly in the recent past, probably due to the growing competition and the need to stay relevant in the market. Lots of updates are released each month and usually, they bring new improvements to current features as well as introducing new ones. Well, the latest version has an interesting new feature to boast, but for now, it is still in beta.

Android users can get it on WhatsApp version 2.16.399 and above while iOS users can get it through version, still in beta. Be warned that beta versions are not stable, thus, you may experience some issues in performance, for instance, crashing, hanging and so on. But still, it works and you can install it on your phone right away. Once you have it, head to the Settings menu of the app and you should be able to find this feature.

Be warned that it is not the first time WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in a beta version and did away with it before even getting to the stable version. Usually, the feature will go through several beta tests before it finally gets to the stable release. As a result, it is possible to find someone using, for instance, version 2.16.399 having access to the feature, yet some with a newer beta version can’t access the same feature.

With this in mind, it is also possible that this feature will not make it to the end product, but hopefully, it does. When enabled, you can let WhatsApp share your location for one minute, two minutes, five minutes or indefinitely. Again, don’t be surprised if these options change if the feature makes it into the stable version.

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