Latest Google Play Store App Update Fixes Major Crashing Problems

Google Play Store on Android TV

The Google Play Store is a core app in the Android ecosystem and without it, your device might never be as enjoyable as it is right now.

Even though there are workarounds of getting apps installed on your Android device without the Play Store, this is not advised due to the security risks involved. Despite the huge significance of the Google Play Store on Android devices, the app has been very annoying for Android TV users lately. Whenever one tries to select one apps category from the list available, the entire Play Store would end up crashing. If you have been experiencing this issue, the latest update to the app appears to have fixed it.

Android TV users who have gone through this annoying problem can make sure they get the latest Google Play Store version 7.5.08.M, but be warned that this app is currently available in beta, although the stable release should come out very soon. Like any other beta apps, this one might have a few bugs and errors and if you can’t deal with anymore crashes, better stick back and wait for the stable release.

The Google Play Store APK version can be grabbed from the official APK Mirror website and manually installed on your Android TV right away.

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