Latest Google Maps Version Now Lets You Create and Share Places you wish to Visit [Video]

Google Maps

With each update, the Google Maps app gets better and better. Users of this app on Android and iOS can rejoice in the fact that the latest version makes it a lot easier when it comes to planning journeys as well as bookmarking favorite places.

If you happen to download the latest version of Google Maps app on your phone or tablet, you will be able to create lists of places you wish to visit, share these places with your friends as well as follow favorite lists of places created and shared by your friends without the need to leave the mapping application.

To highlight how the new feature works, the search engine giant has uploaded a short demo video on the official Google Maps channel on YouTube (you can watch the demo video right below the article). Apparently, you only need to tap the place you want to visit on the app and then hit the “Save” icon. When done, you can now add it to a preset list or create your own list. The preset list has the likes of “Favorites” and “Want To Go”, which means you can add the chosen place to, for instance, a list of places to visit when on your next vacation.

The saved list of places can be found by going to the Google Maps side menu where you select “Your Places>Saved” to reveal it. To share the list you’ve created with your friends, hit the share button and a link for emailing a friend will be generated automatically. Your friend, however, will have to hit the “Follow” button if they want to keep seeing the new places you add to the list, just in case. The update is available for both Android and iOS users.

Google has published this update’s details on its official Maps page. Check it out here.


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