Latest Google Hangouts Update brings a bunch of new emoticons – but who needs them?

Google Hangouts

At a time when every other messaging app is beefing up the use of emojis and GIFs, Google Hangouts is still showing some love for the aged emoticon messages.

This is not to say that Hangouts doesn’t have a fair amount of emojis available to the millions who are still using the app. However, for an app that the company is pushing away from mainstream use and into the business world, it makes little sense to come in with a bunch of secret shortcodes aimed at creating emoticon messages.

In the latest update, which is still in beta and carries version 21.0.158784552, Google Hangouts has received five new shortcodes that can be used to generate emoticon art. Unlike previous cases where the app introduced codes that were easily related to the emoticons in question, the latest are some kind of usernames and honestly, I doubt whether people will have the time to stick these names into their already occupied brains for future use.

Keep in mind that in order to use these codes, you need to precede the shortcode with a forward slash (/). The text area should also have nothing else, otherwise, you won’t see the emoticon come up. As noted earlier, these emoticons are part of the beta version of Hangouts and to get them, you’ll have to install the APK version of the app. Otherwise, you’ll have to stick around for a little longer before the stable version hits the Google Play Store.

So, the question here is who’s still into emoticons? For me, I wouldn’t bother using any of these five emoticons not just because of the difficulty in remembering the shortcodes, but simply because I have better options to turn to.

What do you think about these emoticon additions to the latest Google Hangouts version? Let us know in your comments below.

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