It seems OnePlus 5 is not the only Android phone with 911 calls issue, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G3 and ZenFone 3 too

OnePlus 5 911 issues

OnePlus 5 users have been storming Reddit with cries about the phone not working when one tries to reach the 911 emergency services.

Rather than go through, the phone constantly reboots on each occasion. The company moved in to respond to the issue, saying that it will be looking into the matter and possibly offer a fix in the coming days. OnePlus 5 was released in June and it’s still quite new on the market, but as it stands, it’s not the only Android phone that is having issues to do with 911 calls.

A few years ago, the same issue was reported on OnePlus One phones based on CM13 and further down the line, some HTC One M7 users had the same issue. Now, other than OnePlus 5, it appears that those using the ASUS ZenFone 3 units are also going through the same issue. This seems to be affecting folks in Canada, but the Chinese company is reportedly working to take care of the issue.

Another Reddit thread has also appeared where the person behind it says his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is behaving in the same way as the OnePlus 5. When a 911 call is made, the phone reboots rather than connecting to the emergency service. This is not affecting many people like with the case of the OnePlus phone. The Redditor also notes that the S7 Edge is a Verizon unit running Android 7.0 Nougat with June’s Android security patch installed.

Users of the LG G3 might also want to confirm if their phones work perfectly as another Redditor says the phone went through the same issue a few weeks ago. It’s also worth it if you did try placing a 911 call with your phone to see if it works rather than find out when you actually need the service, however, it’s important that you pre-arrange the call with your local police department so that they know it’s a test call.

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