iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S? Apple iPhone 2017 Naming Equation Solved

Apple iPhone 7S or Apple iPhone 8

This year will mark the 10th anniversary since the first Apple iPhone came to life, which was back in 2007. With big changes expected this year, there are lots of rumors going around with talk of what Cupertino has in store.

Despite the many rumors, there is still no official communication coming from Apple. In fact, none of these reports can confirm what Apple will name the 2017 iPhone. The good thing with Apple is that it has somehow tried to maintain a sequence of how it does things, which makes its next step a little bit predictable to those who are keen.

Now, looking at the company’s standard naming scheme, every year that there has been a numeric increase, the released iPhone came in with wholesale design changes. Usually, the “S” years are just mere internal upgrades with close to zero external changes. If this sequence is to be maintained, the upcoming model should be called Apple iPhone 7S. But there is another side of the story.

Apparently, Apple has stuck to the same design language since 2014 and while it was expected that last year’s iPhone 7, which also came in with a numerical increase, will come with wholesale changes like previous models that had seen a numerical change. Instead, Apple only made internal changes alongside a few touches here and there, with respect to the external design. Back then, it was speculated that Cupertino is doing this so as to keep the said wholesale design changes for 2017 as a way to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. With this in mind, there is a good chance that Apple would want to skip the iPhone 7S in favor of iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

Be warned that this is not confirmed, but it’s just another educated guess from our staff’s analysis since the launch of the iPhone (2007), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (refreshed design), iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 (refreshed design), iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus (refreshed design), and iPhone 6S/6S Plus, right up to last year’s iPhone 7/7 Plus.

In fact, there are rumors that Apple could still keep both names for this year’s iPhone, with both iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 in the pipes. Apparently, the former will keep some of the design cues of the current iPhone 7, including design material, but the latter will shift to glass and metal in order to support wireless charging. It will also ditch LCD panels in favor of OLED display, but this change should also be felt by the other models.

So, if Apple sticks to its naming sequence, we are looking at an iPhone 7S, but looking at its pattern with respect to design changes (no major change for three years so far) and the big 10th anniversary celebrations expected, we should see an Apple iPhone 8 this year. Better still, having two or rather three models isn’t a bad idea all the same – iPhone 7, iPhone 7S and iPhone 8. Not bad huh!

We’ll find out more details and let you know what’s happening in Silicon Valley. Keep following us!

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