Huawei P10 Plus vs P9 Plus – A Massive Performance Improvement

Huawei P10 Plus vs Huawei P9 Plus

The Huawei P10 Plus is already with us, but the phone is currently unavailable for purchase across the globe. So far, Huawei has confirmed that availability will start somewhere before this month concludes.

As you probably know already, the Huawei P10 Plus is an upgrade from the 2016 Huawei P9 Plus. Being a 2017 flagship, the phone literally picks up from where the P9 Plus left, coming in with an enhanced processor, new software, a better camera as well as new features. With all of these in one package, the overall performance of the P10 Plus is way ahead of the P9 Plus.

This argument is backed by recent listings on benchmarking website Geekbench. According to the platform, the Huawei P10 Plus shows huge improvements in performance when compared to the P9 Plus. As noted, the two have a different set of specs. Where the P10 Plus ships with a HiSilicon Kirin 960 SoC that is paired with a RAM of 6GB (the phone also comes with a 4GB RAM variant), you get a Kirin 955 SoC on the P9 Plus alongside a 4GB RAM. Other than hardware, the two phones are also powered by different software, with the newer version having Android Nougat while the 2016 model has Android Marshmallow running the show.

Huawei P10 Plus vs Huawei P9 Plus

On paper, these are huge improvements and in fact, these have been proven right by the benchmarks, with the single-core score for the Huawei P10 Plus coming in at 2238 compared to the P9 Plus’ 1798. As for multi-core tests, the P10 Plus clocks a score of 6922 whereas the P9 Plus managed 6558. There should be some significant changes when the Huawei P9 Plus gets an update to Android Nougat in the coming days, but the stats on the P10 Plus could also improve as more software optimizations come in.

The Huawei P10 Plus has been confirmed for quite a good number of European, Asian and South American markets, but there’s still no word on the availability of the phone, alongside the standard Huawei P10, in the U.S. As for Africa, the only market that has been confirmed is South Africa, but this shouldn’t mean that other markets in the continent won’t get the phones. Where the P10’s price will start from €649, the P10 Plus will start from €699, with the variant in these benchmarks priced at €799.

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