Google’s Gmail for Desktop Gets Support for Playing Videos from Within Emails

Google Gmail

Google has lots of services in the mobile and desktop industry and each day, it keeps on adding better and more useful features in order to keep the services relevant in the market.

If you use Gmail, which is the most popular email application in the world, you’ll for sure love the latest update. Even though limited to desktop users at the moment, Google has now added support to play videos attached to emails without leaving the application or depending on a third-party app to play the videos.

For those who already use Gmail on their desktops, you might know that when someone sends you a video attachment, there’s no way of watching it online. Rather, you must first of all download it to your PC before watching it using a third-party app like VLC. Well, this new Gmail update comes in to take care of this discrepancy by adding a YouTube-like feature where you just tap on a thumbnail to start playing the video.

When a video attachment comes in, it will be accompanied by a thumbnail. Just click on it and automatically, the video will start streaming. Be warned that this feature has just started rolling out and as usual, the search engine giant is targeting the local U.S. market before expanding to other markets across the globe. If anything, it could take up to two weeks before every Gmail user on the planet receives the new video streaming feature.

Source: Google

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