Google’s Gmail Doubles Attachment File Size Limit, but with a Catch


Google’s Gmail has been around for over a decade now and even though it started out as a mere email service provider, it had to evolve over this period so as to cope up with the competition around it.

Ideally, emails aren’t meant to include large file attachments along with the message, it is the latter part that they are meant for. But Google’s Gmail and other email service providers have added the ability to attach files to these messages, although limits have been imposed.

With the upcoming Gmail update, Google wants to slightly loosen its grip on the file attachment size limits by increasing it from 25MB to 50MB, but this will only work for incoming emails. In short, you will be able to receive emails that have attachments of up to 50MB, twice the previous amount supported. As for outgoing emails, the limit remains the same at 25MB. This doesn’t mean that you can attach two or more separate files of 25MB on a single email, this limit applies to all attachments on the said email.

This means that Google wants to make life easier for users of other email service providers that support more than 25MB file attachment sizes when it comes to sharing these files with their Gmail friends. But if you are on the latter and still want to share files of up to 5TB, the tech company recommends that you go with Google Drive.

Google says that the update will be rolling out to Gmail users in the coming days.

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