Google wants all Android Devices to Ship with Stock Notifications System


A look at Android KitKat and Android Nougat will tell you that Google has indeed come a long way with the overall experience of this Android platform.

One thing that has been advancing with each and every version’s release is the notification system. As Google works hard to improve the entire experience of Android notifications system, not all OEMs usually take the same direction. Since these OEMs customize the stock Android OS in their own preferred ways thus introducing an entirely new notification system and overall experience, end-users of Android products never get to enjoy the efforts of the developers of this Android OS.

As if trying to limit the power of developers towards modifying the stock experience of Android OS, Google will from now henceforth deny Android OEMs from messing around with the stock notification system, including replies, bundling, actions as well as access to settings. This news comes after Android Police spotted an update in the Android Compatibility Definition Document. This will begin with any OS that comes after Android 7.1.1 Nougat.


With this move, Google will not only be ensuring that all Android phones and tablets have a stock experience, at least for the notifications system but also trying to take care of the fragmentation problem. Android OS has faced this problem since it started out – where there is a lack of consistency among the different skins used by different OEMs. Hopefully, this will just be the beginning of more of the same changes with respect to other aspects of the Android ecosystem.

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