Google unveils Hire app to help small businesses save on employee hiring costs

Google Hire

The number of small businesses keeps growing day by day, but the opposite is also true, with quite a good number of them dropping out due to the high costs of running a business in the current harsh environments.

While many people looking for an employment opportunity think it’s hard to actually find this dream job they are after, it’s even harder – and sometimes costlier – when it comes to employers trying to find the perfect talent for their businesses.

To help small businesses save on the costs usually associated with searching and hiring the best talents to fill up vacant positions, Google has unveiled a new app dubbed Hire. This app lives within the company’s G Suite platform and with it, small and medium businesses are set to start saving a lot on the costs of hiring and interviewing potential employees for their young/small institutions.

As you may know, G Suite is a collection of all business-focused apps from the search engine giant. The new Hire app gets a place on this platform, allowing Gmail emails to automatically sync with it, the addition of interviews to the interviewer’s Google Calendar as well as display all interviewee’s data in Google Sheets.

If your business has less than 1000 employees, you can purchase the Hire app and add it to your G Suite products, however, this app is currently limited to the U.S. market. Whether Google will roll it out to other markets is still unknown, but it would definitely be a huge welcome to many small business owners out there.

Take note that this is not the same app as the recently launched Google for Jobs, which connects folks looking for jobs with employers by leveraging the power of Google Search.


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