Google Trusted Contacts App Tells You if Your Family and Friends are Safe

Google Trusted Contacts

Do you have close friends and family that you would wish to always check on them and know if they are safe? Well, if you are one hell of a concerned person, Google Trusted Contacts is an app you cannot afford to miss on your Android phone.

The new Google Trusted Contacts app lets you get more details of your loved ones’ location, enabling you to tell whether they are safe or not. This is a handy app for families with kids that are already using a smartphone for parents can easily tell where these kids are using their phones. Think of it as a kids’ monitor, only that it is a simple app that must be installed on the user’s device.

So, how does Google Trusted Contacts app work?

Google Trusted Contacts app is a cool app. Unlike many other cases where you can easily miss a text or simply ignore it when someone tries to ask about your whereabouts, the app’s requests automatically generate a response just in case you don’t reply to the request after five minutes. In addition, the app will also include your location in the generated reply.

Alternatively, you can simply share your location with friends and family so that you can easily be traced to your safe destination without any hassles. This tracing will be helped by the integration of the service with the Google Maps application. Keep in mind that once the app is installed, you’ll have to add a list of “trusted contacts” that can ask for your location, just in case of anything. Interestingly, there is no need to install the app on their phone once you include them as your “trusted contacts.” Cool huh! In short, you can simply download and install the app on your daughter’s phone, add yourself as the “trusted contact” and that’s it! Next time she goes MIA, you can request for her location in a few easy steps.

Here’s how to keep track of your friend or family

The Google Trusted Contacts app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Once it is installed, add your trusted contacts to the app. When you open the app, it will show you a list of your trusted contacts and their status for the past 20-30 minutes or one hour. The app will also let you know if their phone is offline or the battery is low.

Google Trusted Contacts

When any of these persons asks for your location, your phone will ring and an alert will also come along with it. You have the option to accept or deny the request, but a lack of response after five minutes, the Google Trusted Contacts app will auto-generate a reply that includes your current location and share it to the person requesting for your status. In case your phone is out of battery or offline, your last seen location will be shared.

Be warned that Google Trusted Contacts app only works with Android devices and the web, at least for now. Apple iPhone users should get their version very soon, but be sure to always keep your phone connected to the internet and GPS turned on in order for this app to work effectively.

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