Google Trusted Contacts app gets a new update that adds custom timeouts and deeper Google Maps integration

Google Trusted Contacts

The Google Trusted Contacts app was released in late 2016, coming in as an app that is meant to help smartphone users tell where their loved ones are at any given time.

While this app can be viewed by some as a privacy violator, others see it as a very important app when it comes to monitoring the movements of loved ones, especially young teenagers. With the Google Trusted Contacts app, you can share your location with people you choose as trusted contacts as well as request to know their current locations if you need to.

In the latest update, the Google Trusted Contacts app has now been bumped to version 1.5, where new features have been included, among them customizable request timeouts as well as deeper integration with Google Maps.

When your trusted contact requests to know details about your location, the app will no longer give you a wait time of 5 minutes to manually share your location before auto-generating a reply message that contains your location details. Instead, users of the app will now get the chance to manually set the timeout duration to whatever they feel is good, but still, you have a handful of options to choose from, ranging from 5, 15, 30 to 60 minutes.

You can also opt to set this timeout to immediately such that whenever your trusted contacts ask to know about your current location, the app auto-generates a message with your location details and shares it with them instantly. Note that this update is an app level setting, which means that the option you choose will affect all trusted contacts added to the app.


Google Trusted ContactsAs you may know already, Google Trusted Contacts app used the company’s mapping application, Maps, to generate location details and share them with your contacts. However, the latest version now makes it possible to permanently share your location with contacts as well as see them in the mapping app if they also have the setting selected. With this new Google Maps integration, the tech giant is only looking to make the process more seamless than before.

The latest Trusted Contacts update doesn’t take away other features of the app, among them the ability to instantly share your current location with all of your trusted contacts in order to let everyone know that you are safe. The update also makes it possible for users to add contacts to the service using a mobile phone number.

If you feel like trying out the app, hit the source link below to grab it from the Google Play Store. As usual with many Google apps, the Trusted Contacts app is free for everyone.


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