Google to help with Pushing Android One Phones into the U.S.

Android One

Incoming reports reveal that Google is ready to help with the plan to push more Android One phones into the U.S. market.

The less pricey Android One series or otherwise known as General Mobile has been causing waves in developing markets thanks to the fact that it leans a lot towards Google’s approach for smartphones. Like other Google-owned devices, Android One devices are usually among the first to receive software updates from the search engine giant thanks to the fact that they come with stock Android OS.

Apparently, Google wants those in the U.S. to also get these phones and as such, it will be pushing for the launch of the same somewhere in mid-2017, with the price tag set between $200 and $300. According to the Information, which first picked up this report, Google will not take part in the hardware part, but it will be backing an unnamed firm to manufacture the phone, with rumors pointing to LG as the possible candidate for this job.

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Android One

Once the Android One phone is out there, the tech giant will keep pushing software updates to the phone for a period of two years, just like it happens with its own devices. When the phone finally launches, it is said that Google will fund a major advertisement campaign for the handset, with future plans to include other OEMs on the program, but on a case-by-case basis.

According to reports, Google is not happy that many people in the U.S. know Samsung Galaxy devices more than they do know Android itself. With this push for Android One devices, the company believes this will change and eventually more people will get to know what Android OS really is.

As for now, there are no details of the possible specs and features of the phones. However, don’t expect anything out of the norm, especially since these are just entry-level smartphones that are meant to give those who can’t afford the pricey Google Nexus and Pixel phones a taste of the stock Android OS.

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