Google Replaces Photos and Drive Desktop Apps with a new Backup and Sync App – How to download and install it

Google Backup and Sync

Google wants your desktop to have as few apps as possible and to do this, the tech giant has just introduced a new Backup and Sync app to replace both Google Photos and Drive apps for Mac and Windows PCs.

The app has been coming for a while now and it was just a matter of when it will be here. The search engine giant wants you to have the functionality of both Google Photos and Google Drive into a single experience, thus eliminating the need of downloading and installing two apps that basically carry out the same purpose.

In order to backup photos to the cloud, one had to download and install a Google Photos app on their PC. As for other files, one had to install the Google Drive app to get the job done. But with the new Backup and Sync desktop app, you will be able to upload all photos and files to the cloud using the same app, which is kind of cool, if you ask me.

Similar to other Google apps, you get a simple interface on the new Backup and Sync app. After signing into your Google account, all you need is to select the folders you want to backup to Google Drive. It gets even better as you don’t have to start setting up the app afresh because it will respect all current Google Drive and Photos settings on your PC.

Whether your photos and files are stored locally or on a USB drive, the new Backup and Sync app will take care of the cloud upload. Once the files are uploaded to the cloud, you only need Google Drive on whatever device you want to use to check them out. As for the photos and videos, they’ll still live in Google Photos app on other devices.

You can get the download files of the new Google Backup and Sync app from any of the two applications’ websites and as expected, the app is free of charge. However, the search engine giant warns that those using G Suite shouldn’t download this app at this point in time and instead, they should wait for the enterprise-based Drive File Stream that will come out later this year. To gain early access to this enterprise app, you’ll have to apply via this link.

For non-G Suite users, you can download the Backup and Sync app right away via this link or this one.


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