Google Project Fi – Is it the Right Wireless Service for You?

Google Project Fi

There is nothing that can be cumbersome as setting up service for your mobile phone as it usually involves large bills, long lines, nonstop paperwork, puzzling pricing structures and incompetent staff.

However, there is some good news that is soon coming out and this is the new Google Project Fi. This is a wireless service that Google wants to take the place of this tiresome process. While it first came into sight in April, it has taken this Google-based phone wireless service quite some time to multiply.

In this regard, we’ve narrowed down the best features that Project Fi brings to the public as well as the major setbacks it comes with. This is in a bid to help you determine whether the switch to this Google wireless service is valid or not.

 Best features of Google Project Fi

  1. Project Fi is available in 120+ countries

The best thing about Google Project Fi is that it is already available in more than 120 countries. If you are the type who is always on transit, this wireless service could be a life saver thanks to the fact that the service allows users to exchange unlimited texts as well as make low-cost calls when in any of these countries globally. Furthermore, there is a flat rate of $10 charged on a GB of data in all the supported countries.

  1. Only pay for data you use

The good thing with this application is that it allows users to only pay for what they have used. For instance, if you purchase the 1 GB chunk that is offered for $10 a month and end up not using the whole package, Google will credit the balance during your next billing.

  1. Very easy setup process

Google Project Fi, when compared to the many other carriers available, is very easy to setup on your device. In addition, you will not experience the often dropping calls as this wireless service automatically switches between available Wi-Fi and cell networks to ensure you get the best connection when calling.

What this means is that it possible to leave your house while calling your friend over Wi-Fi, head over to your car and start driving while still talking to your friend, but this time using a mobile network that Project Fi picks up and identifies as the best for connection. These activities happen without you noticing, something that has resulted in the Wall Street Journal calling this Google-based service “magic.”

When you make voice calls through Project Fi, they will be linked to the Hangouts app. Whenever your phone is called, all the devices that are connected to the Google Hangouts app will also ring. Using Project Fi does not tie you to any contract and, as a result, you can easily opt out any time you feel like.

Google Project Fi

Drawbacks of Google Project Fi

  1. Project Fi is US-based

Unlike other Google products, Google Project Fi wireless service is that it is based in the U.S. and as such, you need a U.S. address in order to sign up for the service. This is regardless of the fact that the service is already working in more than 120 countries.

  1. It’s currently on an invite-only basis

At the moment, there is no news from Google regarding the availability of this application to the general public. However, a close insider revealed that this service will first of all work on a smaller scale. This means that you must first of all sign up for the invite before Google accepts you to the program.

  1. Currently works on Nexus 6 only

One huge problem with Google Project Fi is that it only works on one phone, which is Google’s Nexus 6. If you don’t own this phone and you want to access the services of Project Fi, you will have to part with about $499 for the base model. However, this phone does not come in with the most desirable specs and size.

  1. You must be on Sprint and T-Mobile networks

The latest Project Fi only works on these two mobile networks – T-Mobile and Sprint. So, if your area does not have a strong coverage for either of these two networks, you don’t have to bother buying the Nexus 6, unless you want to use it on Wi-Fi and mobile data.

  1. It’s not the cheapest option available

Even though Project Fi offers 1GB of data for $10 per month, it is not the cheapest option available, especially if you use more than 3 GB of data in a month. You can still get unlimited data and Wi-Fi calls at $40 per month by using Republic Wireless, for instance.

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