Google Project Fi has an Awesome Deal on Pixel and Pixel XL Phones as Pixel 2 Rumors Take Shape

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It’s true that Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones haven’t sold as many units as some would have expected given the huge investment the tech giant put in ads for the duo. Still, the company isn’t giving up just yet.

About two weeks ago, the tech giant had an offer that would earn Google Pixel XL buyers who spent $750 or more with Google Store financing a credit of $75. As you can see, there was no place for the smaller Pixel, which costs $649 through the same financing deal. If you really wanted to get the Pixel, the only option was simply to get at least two, which would take your spending beyond the $750 minimum required to earn this credit.

If you felt this earlier deal wasn’t good enough, well, there’s an even better one available with close to no caveats. When you buy a Google Pixel or Pixel XL on the Google Store or via the company’s wireless service – Project Fi – you’ll get a free Google Home, which is usually priced at $129.

All you need is to buy a Pixel or Pixel XL – with or without financing – and add a Google Home to the same cart. When done, you won’t see the price of the Home included in the final price that you’ll be charged. Instead, you only pay for the phone and get the Home for free. The problem is if you decide to return the Pixel phone you bought via this channel, Google will also want the Home as well.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting the Google Home, well, this is your time. As noted, this deal is available in the standard Google Store and Project Fi store and applies to both Pixel phones. Fi says that this deal will be running until July 29, so you have some good time left to make your choice. As you may have already guessed, these deals are only limited to folks in the U.S.

It’s not usual for Google to slam such discounts on its phones. While this might be a way of improving the sales of the Pixel and Pixel XL, it’s also an indicator that the Pixel 2 is just around the corner. If anything, the Pixel 2 should be unveiled somewhere in Q3/Q4.

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