Google Play Store Officially Comes to Sudan, Still No Room for Paid Apps

Google recently revealed that it will be launching a new Google Play Store meant for users in Sudan. This news comes in as a surprise to many who thought that this service is available in a global arena.
The Android world keeps growing in leaps and bounds thanks to the fact that this platform presents users with some of the cheapest smartphones ever. The open nature of this Android OS has been at the center of the many devices that are spread around the world and run on this OS. Numerous manufacturers have joined in and there is almost an endless of Android smartphones available for purchase on different continents.
Google Play Store brings only free apps and games to residents of Sudan
At the moment, Google will only be launching the Play Store in Sudan with a limited access to apps and games. There is still no room for paid or premium apps on this store as the search engine giant has opted to go only avail free apps and games for this group of users during this initial launch. This is of course expected to change in the near future as more and more apps come to the Sudanese people, and finally these people will be able to make Play Store purchases and enjoy all services availed by this application.
Sudan is not the only country without Google Play Store services
As noted earlier, there are some of you who may still be surprised with the fact that there are countries that haven’t yet tasted the services of the Google Play Store. Well, if you think Sudan is the only country that had not received this Android Market application, you will even be more surprised when you learn that super power countries such as China have no access to the services of the Play Store.
In essence, Sudan was just among the few remaining countries that were yet to get this update and it has just joined other recent recipients of this update in the shape of Cuba and Iran, both of which got the update in 2014 and 2013 respectively. As a precautionary measure or an entry strategy, Google only avails free apps and games to newbies. Other than Sudan, other countries still using the Play Store version that only offers free apps and games are Iran, Cuba and Myanmar.
There is a huge list of countries that have yet to receive this service, among them Afghanistan, Georgia, Syria, Mongolia, Congo, Malawi, DRC as well as China, among others. However, China is responsible for the lack of the Google Play Store services in the country after the government suspended the use of Google and its services by its locals.

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