Google Play Store App Updates’ Size Reduced by up to 65%, Saves More Data

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is one essential application on all Android devices because it is home to all apps and services that are required to get the best out of Android gadgets.

However, one thing that has been continuously becoming a huge concern among Android users is the ever-growing size of Google Play Store apps and updates. But it seems Google has a solution for this with a new method that aims at saving you not just storage space, but also mobile data used when downloading app updates.

This new method of delivering app updates via the Google Play Store has its downside as well. Apparently, the process is so complex that it may end up taking more time to download and install, especially when using phones with less powerful chipsets. As a result, the search engine giant has opted to only use this method when it comes to automatic updates, something Google believes will prevent users from noticing the delay since it will be happening in the background. According to Google, adding this feature to automatic Google Play Store app updates will ensure that “users won’t have to wait longer than usual for app updates to finish” when doing it manually.

Google Play Store

With this new Google Play Store feature, users will end up with updates that less than 65% the normal size of the app. In some cases, you may even be lucky to get an app update that is more than 90% smaller. One direct example is Netflix, which has an update that weighs a mere 1.2MB as compared to the 16.2MB weighed by the entire app. In the end, Android users will also be saving more storage space, especially since these devices usually come with very small onboard memory chips.

Still, it is possible that this same method could be added to all Google Play Store app updates in future.

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