Google Play Movies 4K Titles are Now Live, App Available for Samsung Smart TVs

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV app has finally been updated with 4K UHD titles – a feature that has been anticipated for quite some time now.

This feature started showing up a few weeks ago, but the rollout was quite as only a few regions could actually access it. However, with the latest update, the Google Play Movies & TV app has now been fully installed with 4K films. Apparently, users will come across more than 125 titles that are in UHD resolution, however, the latest update only covers the U.S. and Canada.

Of course, the fact that this feature is now available in two countries means that other regions should be seeing the update in the near future. However, keep in mind that you will need an Android device to make the purchase of 4k titles from the Google Play Movies & TV app. Otherwise, you will have to get it from the web. But once the titles are added to your library, your 4K Chromecast Ultra can come in alongside a bigger screen, for instance, the Sony Bravia Android TV. Be warned that even though the Xiaomi Mi Box supports 4K content, the latest 4K titles from Google will not work with this device, at least for now.

Google Play Movies & TV

If you own a Samsung smart TV, there is even much better news for you. Alongside the launch of the 4K titles, the search engine giant also launched the Google Play Movies & TV app for this device. However, this app only works with the company’s 2016 models. Despite being limited to the latest models, this is a huge step from the side of Google, especially since the support for the app was only limited to LG smart TVs. On the downside, the new app on Samsung smart TVs won’t be able to give you access to the 4K UHD titles, at least for now.

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