Google Pixel is on a Mission to Lure iPhone Fans Away from Apple

Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone

The Google Pixel is one of the most outstanding smartphones in 2016 and in fact, several pundits have labeled the handset as the best Android phone this year.

The reasoning behind naming the Google Pixel as the best phone in 2016 comes from the fact that the phone boasts some of the best hardware around and the software is friendly enough to make you feel at home, even for non-Android users.

Many have claimed that the Google Pixel is indeed the company’s first major attempt to compete directly with the Apple iPhone. The latest iPhone 7, for instance, has the same price tag as the Google Pixel. The design of the two phones are almost identical and in fact, Google borrowed a page from Apple’s iPhone book by purposefully designing exclusive software features that are meant to work with the Pixel hardware – features you won’t find on other Android devices.

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Apple is known for this level of vertical integration and with Google taking the same direction, there is no doubt that the search engine giant is indeed on a mission to lure iPhone fans to make the switch to Android OS. In a statement made by Hiroshi Lockheimer, the Senior VP of Android and Chrome OS, one of the main goals of Google Pixel was actually to win over Apple iPhone users.

Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone

The team working on the Google Pixel had a target – to capture diehard fans of Apple iPhone and bring them over to Android with this new phone. This also meant that most of the advertising efforts of the Pixel phone were targeting iPhone users. In fact, the Google Pixel has a number of features that are directly aimed at helping iPhone users migrate to the platform, for instance, the Quick Switch Adapter. This feature lets you connect an iPhone to your Google Pixel phone and in this way, you can easily transfer all of your data from the Apple device to Android, be it messages, contacts, photos and so on.

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