Google Pixel and Nexus July Android Security Patch Ready for Download, but Pixel users are Reporting Issues

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Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P users have their July Android security update ready to download, but it seems all is not well for those using the smaller Pixel phone.

Yesterday, the tech giant published the details of the latest monthly security patch and as usual, the update will be rolling out to the Google Pixel and Nexus devices first before heading out to other non-Google devices.

Despite this early release, there are dozens of people who have taken to Google Products Forum and Reddit to air their frustrations regarding the inability to download the latest update to the smaller Google Pixel phone. So far, none of those using the Pixel XL or the two Nexus devices have complained, but it appears that those using the Pixel phone are getting a “Couldn’t update – installation problem” error when they try to get the new patch level installed on their phones.

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This is strange, but not unusual. Software updates are not always perfect and it could have been worse if the OTA would have successfully installed and later cause issues to the functionality of the Google Pixel. Lucky enough, the issue starts from the point of downloading the update, which means the error doesn’t affect the performance of the phone.

Through the official Google community page, the tech giant has confirmed that it is looking into the issue and a solution will be found sooner than later. For now, Google Pixel users have no reason to try downloading the update to July Android security patch. But who knows, maybe your device is unique from the rest, but it is better to skip this one until things are rectified for you never know what a successful download could do to your Pixel phone.

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We’ll keep an eye on the developments and update this post when things are back to normal. Stay tuned.

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