Google Nexus 6P has become very slow, Google Assistant also experiencing issues after the latest update

Google Nexus 6P

Google does a pretty cool job when it comes to rolling out timely security updates to the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and the new Pixel phones.

While this timely release of updates is what actually makes many people prefer buying Google devices, sometimes they can come in with a bunch of their own woes. For instance, the Nexus 6P is experiencing some issues related to slow performance, the keyboard feels a bit buggy and the battery life has greatly diminished.

With each update, it seems as if the Nexus 6P keeps on growing slower, especially when trying to open the usual apps such as Google Maps, Chrome or even Photos. Also, the latest update to July Android security patch might be the cause of one weird issue on the Google Assistant.

Apparently, some Nexus 6P users are saying that the phone no longer recognizes or rather understands the “Yes” command when using the Google Assistant. No matter how hard they try saying it, the Assistant doesn’t seem to get it, something that wasn’t the case before the latest update.

It’s hard to completely put this blame on the latest security patch, but given that the Assistant was perfect before it is an indicator the update has something to do with the latest issue. As for the slowed-down performance, it could simply be because the phone is filled with too much junk that needs to be cleared.

When Google released the update to this month’s security patch, users of the smaller Pixel phone had a problem downloading and installing it to their phones. But it appears that this has been solved. Similarly, we hope Google will take care of this latest issue as well, but it could wait until the next update, especially since not so many Nexus 6P users are affected.

Are you experiencing any of these issues (and others) on your Nexus 6P? Share with us in your comments below.

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