Google Maps May Soon Start Showing Ads

Google Maps and Uber

Google Maps is without a doubt one of the tech giant’s most used applications, be it on Android, iOS or even PCs, however, it’s also not the most profitable service the company has.

In order to turn Google Maps into a profitable entity like most of the company’s other services, the tech giant might start finding ways of generating some money out of this application.

When asked about the company’s plans on this matter, CEO Sundar Pichai’s comments suggested that Maps could soon start showing some form of ads as a way of generating income, Business Insider reports.

Soon, you may start seeing things like promoted places, coupons for restaurants or bars in your current location and so on. If anything, these are some of the most basic ways that the tech giant can use to monetize Google Maps.

Of course, Pichai did not say the above statement, however, his comments on Google Maps and how it has become an integral part of many people’s lives could suggest such a thing might be on the way in the near or distant future. Given that Google Maps is free and it doesn’t show any annoying ads or banners, this move might not make some users happy. However, it’s much better than the aforementioned ads, which can at times be irrelevant and – as noted earlier – very annoying.

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