Google Maps makes the Uber app Useless after this Major Update

Google Maps and Uber

Frequent users of cab-hailing application Uber will be happy with this one. Apparently, the latest Google Maps update has just made the Uber mobile app useless.

The new version has gone a step further to integrate the services of this ride application, meaning that users of the updated Google Maps will now be able to hail an Uber from the mapping application without the need to visit the latter app. The update is currently rolling out to Android users and other than hailing a cab from within the app, Maps will also let you make payments for the same service right from within the app.

Despite this change, those who wish to hail an Uber from within Google Maps must first have an active account with the former. Once you are signed into Maps, it will be possible to book a ride as well as connect and track your driver, just like it happens with the dedicated Uber app. This update now lets users quickly check destination info even when riding.

Google Maps and Uber

This is not everything that the new Google Maps update comes with. Users of this app will also be able to see a new interface that displays the types of rides that you can book in your current location. This takes over from the boring list of the same options that was used in the same capacity. Users can now access a local map and a great UI that shows various ride services available, for instance, Uber or Lyft. When you hit on any, a list of available rides will show up allowing you to pick what you want and make the payments as well. In case of any special promo codes or coupons, you will also find them here.

What do you think about this Google Maps update, especially of you frequently use Uber services? Please let us know via the comments section.

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