Google Maps gets a new Android 8.0 O Feature, Offline Maps for the Entire Country Coming Soon

Google Maps

Android 8.0 O is on the horizon and not so long ago, the tech giant rolled out the third developer preview version that also carried the final APIs.

With this in mind, developers of Android apps, including Google, are working hard to ensure that all apps are ready for Android 8.0 O when the OS finally rolls out. The latest to get a feature related to this new OS is the popular Google Maps, but it’s still in beta.

According to a discovery made by Android Police, the latest version of Google Maps 9.55 has added support for notification channels. As you’d expect, this is only available to those using the app on a device powered by Android 8.0 O. Once the OS makes way to other devices, the same functionality will also be made available to these devices.

With the Google Maps beta installed on an Android O device, almost 30 notification channels will be laid out for you. It’s possible to customize these notifications, be it their importance, sound or vibration settings and even add app badges. The updated version also lets users set override abilities as far as Do Not Disturb mode is concerned. It gets even better as users of Maps will gain full control over the general notification types the app sends via the Settings of the app.

This is not all, apparently. The Google Maps teardown also revealed that the tech giant has plans to let users download maps of an entire country and use them when offline. This is a nifty feature, but we can’t guarantee that it will be added to the app in the near future. Still, it’s great to know that the search engine giant is working on it.


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