[Update: Google Listens] Google removes the transparent UI in Hangouts, but it’s reportedly back after users’ complaints

Google Hangouts

Despite Google’s many efforts to “kill” Hangouts, the app is still popular among many smartphones as well as desktop users.

However, today, you might have woken up to something completely new to your eyes, but you are not alone. Apparently, Google Hangouts has just received a new user interface that gets rid of the transparent head-filled chat bubbles for desktop users. What now sits in their place is a new window that completely lacks transparency and style and from the reactions of many Hangouts users, they are not so happy with this move.

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Google is not new to trying out new stuff on its products and while some of these changes usually end up materializing, it’s hard to tell whether this one will be a permanent move. However, if Google is smart enough, it might want to revert to the old style in order to keep the massive user base behind the app happy.

You’ll agree with me that the bubbly user interface on Google Hangouts was much more fun than what you are currently seeing on the chat app. However, we all know Google no longer wants you to use this app for mere chats with friends and perhaps, making it such an uncomfortable experience, in this case, is a way of telling you that you need to migrate to its other apps [read Duo and Allo].

But wait, this is happening on the desktop version and if Google’s statements are anything to go by, Hangouts is now targeting business users, which mostly use the app on desktops and such like devices. So, what’s the reason behind this awkward change of the Hangouts UI? Well, for now, only Google knows, but it appears that diehard fans of the app may simply have to swallow this change and move on. Sorry guys!

Google Hangouts

Still, if you want to get back to the old, rounded and transparent interface, you may want to drop using the Hangouts extension and instead get the version under apps, as one commenter points out. I haven’t been able to get the Hangouts version under apps as suggested, but maybe this is possible on your end. Feel free to let us know your status in the comments below.

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Meanwhile, check out some of the comments made by the many unhappy Hangouts users via the source link below.

Update: According to a statement on Reddit, it appears that Google is rolling out an update that is bringing back the old transparent UI. Let us know if yours is back in your comments below.


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