Google gets rid of Bothersome Chrome Page Jumps with Scroll Anchoring Update

Google Chrome 56

Google has finally addressed frustrating random page jumps that have been bothering Chrome users as they browse both on mobile and desktop. However, the problem is more paramount in mobile where browsing window is restricted to a smaller view.

Definitely, you have experienced this hitch while using Chrome at some point. This is the thing; when the page loads, some content – large images and ads – take longer than text. All of a sudden, when you are deeply engrossed in reading the text, an annoying ordeal happens – the page jumps out of nowhere and your content is shifted to other inconvenient places. This happens because newer content that had not been loaded comes up and confuses everything on display which, at the extreme end, takes you all the way back to the page top.

Google, until recently, had been working on the page anchoring feature as a possible solution to this hitch. The feature had been spotted hidden under the enable scrolling flag that the company has been on as well.

Finally, the company is convinced that page scroll anchoring is the ultimate solution to fully curb page jumps or tone it down to some degree at least.

How does page scroll anchoring work?

The page keeps on shifting everywhere on the screen hence the need for something to fix the content to one location. That’s exactly what page anchoring does, it prevents random movement as more content is being loaded.

This handy function is now default in Chrome 56 and higher. Try it out! It actually does not reduce the glitch to the dead end but according to Google’s data, it does reduce up to three jumps per page-viewing session. The tech giant has also promised to make the feature better and has also released a technical guide for web developers for more understanding.

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