Google Chrome page load time has improved by up to 20% from a year ago – Do you agree?

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browsing application not just on mobile phones, but also on desktops and other devices. According to a new report from the Chromium project team, Chrome web browser is now 10-20% faster than a year ago.

A web browser, just like any other application, has quite a number of components. Some of the major ones include the rendering and JavaScript engines. The V8 JavaScript engine forms a solid part of not only Google Chrome, but also other web browsers that are based on the Chrome codebase. Apparently, this V8 JavaScript engine has received some tweaks over the past one year that have resulted in faster page load times of between 10-20%, depending on your device’s raw power.

Usually, benchmarks such as Octane come in when trying to measure the performance of JavaScript engines. Similar to Android benchmarks that may not reflect the real-world performance of devices, the benchmark results for the V8 were not enough to show the Chromium team how capable the engine was in real-world situations.

So, the V8 team decided to carry out tests on a number of major sites such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia. In the process, they came up with a new “Speedometer” benchmark where commonly used JavaScript libraries were tested. From the results, it was determined that typical web pages heavily depend on startup performance or rather, the period it takes for the scripts to start running.

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Upon this discovery, the team has introduced several optimizations over the past one year – optimizations that have improved the average page load times by up to 20%. Given that Google Chrome has also been making other optimizations related to performance, among them improved video loading and throttling of most background tabs, it should mean that the latest version of Chrome is way better and faster than before.

But as noted above, all these can be confirmed with the real-world usage of the app, which varies with different users. So, the question here is do you agree that Google Chrome is way faster than what it was a year ago, if at all you have been using it for this much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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